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Open Science Community Lisbon

Who we are

We are a National Open Science Portuguese Community, resident in Lisbon, member of a broader worldwide International Network of Open Science & Scholarship Communities (INOSC), sharing the view and supporting the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, that defined the commitment to open science a national priority. We also stand for the vision of EU´s Open Science Policy, namely the new Open Science Cloud, the FAIR open data principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable data), and the obligation to comply with open access to submit applications to EU research funds.

In fact, open science unites academia members from different disciplines, providing researchers, teachers, and students around the world complete access to high-quality research content in an affordable way, allowing a wider resource capacity and equity around the world.

Our Mission

We are committed to develop a Portuguese national network of researchers, in areas such as health, psychology, architecture, business and economics, law, international relations, history, communication and technologies, working in open science, in close contact with the other open science communities of the INOSC project. This opportunity will increase visibility, bring new chances for national and international recognition, networking and expert contact, that may provide a greater funded projects collaboration and citation impact for published work, promoting the success of publishing in prestigious indexed journals and career development.

Regarding our free access policy to the most recent peer review studies, we also positively contribute to the dissemination of reliable information and to the development of innovation and informed entrepreneurship.


Denise Capela dos Santos, ESESFM

External relations:

Catarina Garcia Teles de Araújo, ESESFM

Science Coordinators

Architecture: Ricardo Carvalho, UAL
Arts: Frédéric Vidal, UAL
Communication Sciences: Bruno Reis, UAL
Economic and Business Sciences: Mário Coutinho dos Santos, UAL
Health: Sílvia Ramos, ESESFM

History: Roberta Stumpf, UAL
International Relations: Luís Tomé, UAL
Law: Manuel Guedes Valente, UAL
Psychology: Rute Brites, UAL
Technologies: Gonçalo Valadão Matias, UAL

OSC Lx Members

We are a community of researchers working in Portugal that believe that open and reliable science is the key to a closer collaboration between all nations and to the future of human development. Becoming one of us, through your registration, allows your main research interests, projects, open science recent publications, and future events participation to be internationally visible, for free.

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